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Architecture and Invention.



Alfred Linares




Thursday 14:30-17:30


This subject sets a double goal: on one hand it is adressed to the architects interested on a review of their own production in order to update and improve their hability to pro-ject: the invention. On the other hand it is adressed to those architects who are also interested in the teaching of architecture (specifically of the projecting) to whom the subject proposes to develop their critical and analytical capacity. The first four sessions: Institution, Discipline, Metaphor and Intertwine essencially develope an epistemology of projecting, the poetry of projecting. The next ones (onpened in content) propose a critical review of the contemporary architecture, its setting in context.

Architecture and invention (inseparable concepts) are the base from where we can set a start, that makes the beginning of any learning from looking, looking around, being aware of the architect the context that is essentially time. They make the time (set in time), the methodical axis from where re-invent a more proper way of being an architect.

The look around is obviously directed to the architecture itself (the architect's world) but also to the obliqe glances to other fields of knowledge that in one way or another base it and make sense. Being an architect means always learning to think in a certain way that is specific (although not exclusive) from the architectect. A thinking that is based on the phenomenology if we aunderstand as such a suspension of the knowledge to re-think what we took for granted. With Martin Heidegger:  "backwards thinking". In other words the way that the rationalist architect thinks has gotten small and old. The new challenges that the architect has to face (the consequences of all kinds of changes happened not only in the last years, but in the last months) can't be solved from a reductionist vision of the classic, lineal and deterministic logic of the orthodox sciencie from the dirst years of the last century. A science that could still believe in the idea od truth.