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Architecture, City and Proyect.



Xavier Monteys
Núria Ortigosa





The subject approaches the city from different scales, trying to show the three words that give it the name as three ways of approaching to the relation between the city, the architecture and the project. The city (Barcelona) will be exposed through three different proyects that have proposed to intervene in the city's coastline front, in its mountainous edge, the Collserola mountains and the set of districs that want to intervene through Ronda Litoral and Ronda de Dalt. In the three cases of the proyects that represent a version of the city in the long term. The architecture will be shown through three sets of buildings from different times whose root is linked to the city in different ways. Those have been chosen so that they illustrate different approaches and concepts, their urban role, they relation to the city's history and ,in the housing plane, to show different ways of conceptualize the distribution of housing. The project will be presented through three works that will approach the role of the reuse in relation to the architectural project, the role of the action represented through the idea of inhabiting the space again and lastly the role of the contingently represented by the garden and its relation to the house.