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Architecture, Environment and Technology



Elena Fernández
Eduard Callís
David Steegmann



Monday 17:30-20:30


The subject aims to raise the student's awareness aboout taking part on the history's more important environmental and social crisis with the objective of promote thinking and discussions about the way that we are inhabiting the planet. With that it is intended to incite the criticism about the function of architecture in the contemporary time. Analyzing the discipline's recent past it will be recognized that it has been working by the inertia of a memorable but now inoperative past for 50 years, and thats something that pulled it appart from reality and made it lose social credit. We will report this situation and will study machanisms for achitecture to regain the lidership of the environmental debate in the Urban Age in an attempt to restore its prominence in the areas where it is decided what to and how to preserve, where and how it must be developed and ,most important, betting on the symbiotic future of the cities as a environmental guarantee of the urban fact.

The subject is presented as a operative platform that offers the necessary test of thinking and action that allows architecture and architects not to lose this last chance of regaining a relevant position in the colective imagination. It is a subject of a holistic approach, intending with that to train the students with reflective resources of an interdiciplinary nature with the goal of introducing them to the management of the contemporary complexity. According to that the architectural proyect will be understood as something closer to research than to the more convetional developement of the work, emphasizing in the what and proposing new ways of acting through the tools and resources that are more appropriate in each particular situation, procurating a "sustainable design" and generating new knowledge.