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Architecture, Theory and Criticism.



Cristina Gastón Guirao



Friday 14.30-17.30


This course stimulates the building of a critical speech around an architectural theme. A selection of books and articles will contribute the themes to debate and will act as an excuse to work on other ones. In each one of the sessions a series of texts grouped by thematic affinity will be debated and their link to the themes worked in the other subjects will be promoted. Through the consideration of the book as document as a whole and the reading of the text we will recognize the critical positioning of relevant authors from the architectural culture. Like this we help the students to stablish their own versus the renference author but, above all, versus the architecture itself at the same time as we encourage them to formulate it verbally and graphically and to publically comunicate it. In order to raise new questions about architecture and practice the criticism about it is important the way of summon it to study and to set the path to to get closer to it. The books and magazines bring textual and graphic content and transmit information on several levels. The writing is one of the critic modes available to the architect but also the drawing of a sketch, a scheme, a floorplan or a selection of photographs show the own personal mind. Each one of the proposed reference books will be introduced with an approach to its first edition character and the reviewed one: the themes that the index breaks down, the the semantic field used in the titles of the chapters or the type of graphic documentation that it has, among other aspects. The basic bibliography will be completed by proposing other complementary texts. Through the classes each student will have to individually define a critical positioning in relation to the books, articles and themes introduced in the theorical class.