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Pere Fuertes




Friday 14:30-17:30


The subject aims to study the domestic condition as an expression of the inhabited space that allows the appropriation of the environment and the relationship with others. The presence and the activitu are taken as indicators that allow us to successively decompose and recompose this condition. The goal of this process is multiple: to go deeper into the field of the domestics as a base for inhabiting, to pon the look to other fields, from the city to the contemporary art; to compare and to associate as methods of studying and architectural critics; to question and to debate the adquired certanties about the house and its relation with the city.

The subject is organized in 10 theorical sessions and 4 workshop ones. The first ones form a set of critical observations about the hability of recognizing and shaping the architectural space through domestics. In each session a couple of students will develope a paralel theme from one ot mover images. On the other side the workshop offers the student a stage for the discussion and debate  from the exercise they are developing simultaneously. The intention is that the theorical lessons set an active tesion with the excercise so that the course can benefit from this dialog. With the developed works and the final presentation, the assistance and the participation will be evaluated. The qualification of the excercises will be accomulative and the continuated progression of the woek will be considered.