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Project, Residue and Recycling



Elena Fernández



Lunes de 14:30 a 17:30


The subject aims to give resources, references and tools that allow the student to read the built environment from "the necessary" perspective, "the available" analysis and the compromise with "the sustainable". It is orientated to the professionals who are engaged to their time and willing to confront the problems that will characterize this first half od the 21st century: globalization, massive growth of the cities and environmental damage. Ours is a time also characterized by the "unsustainability" that means the "excess of building" in most cases, without use or with obsolete programs and that will definetely become(not to say that "it already is") in the working area of the architect.

To evidence the implicit potential in the revival of architectures subject to past uses with a schedule that meets current needs will therefore be the subject's goal, something that implies to permute the "author's" vocations for "interpreter" skills. For that we will introduce real situations which will form the students in the reading of the reality, encouraging not only on whats relative to understanding of concepts, but also teaching them on the building of "contextualized knowledge" to particular situations and problems, interpreting the waste through recycling. With all that we aim to instruct not only sight but also smell, understood as a sensory and intuitive appeal that allows the individual to see beyond the obvious, something essential for any action of architectural re-programming. This calls for a professional profile of "strategic architect" who, in addition to mastering the issues of the trade, knows how to detect opportunities for architecture.