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Urban Scenes



Xavier Monteys
Nuria Ortigosa





The subjectc approaches the public space considering it as a work of architecture and as an urban stage exploring its character as a collaborative project and its binding role in the city. The public space is the place of the events and the space without which architecture is meaningless and without which buildings become mere objects. The public space is also the place of the commitment that the rules of citizenship and the space of the politics entail. Its nature makes it depend on the architecture that denifines and limits it, and at the same time the architecture that helps it form and define its perimeter depends on it.

Since always architecture and public space have woven a complex relation that makes any attempt to look at them in insolation (one without the other) a banal attempt. The public space is another demonstration of the city's sedimentation process, through which we can reed the city through time. The subject aims to knit a relation between public space and private space.