Project and Technology, Architecture and Environmental Emergence


Jaume Valor Montero (R)                                Jaime Blanco Grando                                        Cristian González Torrado                                Jan Güell Rotllan                                                Roger Mendez Badías



A-6.1, A-6.2, EA-6.1



Monday-Friday 15:00 - 20:00


The three main objectives of the course are: Exercise critical thinking, developing criteria and attitudes for a context of uncertainty; Understanding the non-linear nature of the project, working simultaneously on different scales; Acquire the necessary skills in a world marked by the environmental emergency, (climate change, resource depletion and energy crisis).


The themes that focus the course are: environmental sustainability (energy, resources and health), the role of technology in the significance of architecture (construction, structures and conditioning), the evolution of residential use (new typologies, cohousing...) and equipment (hybrids, mixed-use...), as well as project processes, their documentation, assessment and communication. The course's work will reflect the impact of the architect's offices on the aspects mentioned with the 2030 target of projecting healthy positive energy balance buildings, negative CO2 emissions and zero waste, in a context of awareness of the impossibility of maintaining current levels of consumption in industrialised countries.