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PPP_Project, Process and Programming


The specialty Proyect, Process and Programming is thought mainly by the DPA teachers. It works on the basis of the architectural design taking it to a field that we could name previous to the strategic project. It is taken for granted that the students who take this speciallity have solid knowledge on the architectural design and with this they aim to extend this knowledge to other areas, starting by the very beginning, the previous phases and the decisiong making.


This speciality's methods are based on the ones long proved in the classrooms, specially in those subjects that are based on a low number of students per group (like the ones included in this master). In a small group the subjects thought acquire by themselves an atmosphere that favours the argument of concepts and the debate. The expositive clases and the discussions take place in all subjects and will be in seminar or in colloquium accoding to the program.

Subjects PPP


Architecture, City and Proyect.

Architecture, Environment and Technology

Architecture, Theory and Criticism.



Architecture and Invention.

Urban scenes

Project, Residue and Recycling

Design Theory

Comparative Architecture